About Evelio Silvera

If you’re a driven entrepreneur who wants to grow your business, maximize your authority and achieve success in the marketplace… then you’ve come to the right place.

Hi I’m Evelio…

EvelioSilvera0959-200x300 About Evelio SilveraI’ll show you how to effectively communicate your unique message to an audience of raving fans that will help you build a more recognized, influential brand and wildly profitable business.

As an award-winning public speaker and speech writer, I’ve spent over a decade specializing in the art and science of influence and persuasive communication. I’ve always been interested in the psychology behind successful advertising, political campaigns, and influential speeches. I’ve studied the non-verbal effects of communication from things like tonality and pitch to body language. I’ve applied what I’ve learned to start-ups, products, companies, charitable causes and political candidates; and I’ve created winning marketing campaigns that generated revenues and profit.

After over a decade of studying the concept of influence, I’ve learned this… social media and technology have completely changed the way we start, grow and conduct business.

To stand out in a crowded marketplace entrepreneurs can’t just throw everything against the wall and see what sticks; they must develop a compelling, targeted message based on providing value to their marketplace to even have a chance!

The internet, and in particular social media, has created the “great leveling.” No longer are multi-million dollar companies with gigantic marketing departments and budgets the only ones who can develop an online platform and following. Savvy entrepreneurs know that digital media allows them to easily and affordably target and connect with their ideal customer.

ESilvera0785-200x300 About Evelio SilveraBut for so many entrepreneurs, the thought of building a brand and leveraging influence and authority is not only a foreign concept, but one that they falsely believe does not apply to their business.Well that just isn’t true! You can maximize your authority, leverage your influence, and be profitable.

My father was a builder who taught me to see things not as they are, but as they could be. He encouraged my love of creative problem solving – finding a way to do what everyone says can’t be done. I’ve always been interested in ideas; ideas to improve products, business, and life.

I’ll show you how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and get noticed for your expertise and ability. As a business owner who’s been at six-figures, no figures, and everywhere in between, I know what it’s like to be the janitor, secretary, and CEO. My parents came to the United States with nothing and have shown me that anything is possible!

I’m here to share my struggles, triumphs, and experiences; and show you that it’s possible to automate your business, attract ideal clients, and create a profitable business that can be scaled and maximized.

If you’re ready to take the next steps and connect with your customers and clients in a new powerful way, make sure to visit my blog and listen to the latest episode of my podcast to get the insights and tips you need to succeed.

It’s my goal to equip and empower you with all the insights, resources and tactics you need to be able to grow your business, attract more customers and achieve personal and marketplace success.

Please stay in touch because I want to share posts, case studies, interviews with successful entrepreneurs and more great content that will have you ready to take on your marketplace and be the recognized expert that everyone wants to work with!

Professional Bio

Currently Evelio works with his wife Lorri as the Co-Founder of Pecunia Group, a business consulting and marketing agency. They work with entrepreneurs and client-based businesses to start and grow profitable businesses and powerful brands. Their messaging and branding experience allows their clients to get their message to the market and attract new clients.

Evelio began his professional career by growing the government relations operations for nationally televised, New York Times best-selling author Joyce Meyer. At Joyce Meyer Ministries he worked directly with Vice President, Dave Meyer, managing the content and supporters of their outreach program, ‘Stand Up and Be Counted.’ He coordinated and maintained relationships with government officials on the state and federal level.

In 2006 he worked on a statewide ballot initiative in Missouri developing messaging and events with key stakeholders and national figures. In addition to working in government relations, he traveled the country with his wife Lorri where they both served as master of ceremonies at Joyce Meyer’s conferences; appearing on nationally television commercials and speaking in arenas to audiences ranging from 3,000 to 26,000.

Screen-Shot-2017-03-25-at-8.14.56-AM About Evelio Silvera

In his role as Executive Director of Casino Watch, based in St. Louis, Missouri, Evelio spearheaded efforts to strengthen consumer protections. He worked with various state Family Policy Councils and was a regular guest on the Focus on the Family national radio program. He was a regular guest commentator on regional radio and large market television shows on a variety of topic areas.

In 2008 he ran a statewide ballot initiative campaign where he guided and directed all statewide efforts including media relations and served as the spokesperson. The campaign employed a cutting edge digital video outreach that attracted just over 10,000 unique visitors a day to their website. His efforts garnered the endorsements of every major newspaper in the state as well as both gubernatorial candidates.

1621663_10201357039632352_1943297083_n-300x200 About Evelio SilveraEvelio has also served his local business community in Florida through his work at the Ocala/Marion County Chamber of Commerce. In his role as Vice President of Business Development & Public Affairs, he directed the Chamber’s local business development initiatives. He worked with chamber members and business owners to help grow and develop their customer base including programs related to overseas trade and export. Evelio empowered local business owners to broaden their reach and increase their business by using online resources like social media and online business directories.

He was a fixture on news talk radio providing insights into business growth, communications trends and the economy. Evelio has served in leadership and management positions in several campaigns ranging from the state legislature, to state-wide efforts and federal and Presidential campaigns. He has successfully advised and shaped communication efforts and crisis response plans for several recognizable public officials.

Evelio has worked in the Florida House of Representatives. Assisting with legislation in the areas of home healthcare, brownfield clean-up, prison reform and patent protection for businesses and manufacturers. He has also managed messaging and content creation for a variety of issues and elected officials.

He has ghostwritten articles and position papers that have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and FoxNews.com.

Screen-Shot-2017-03-25-at-8.15.12-AM About Evelio Silvera

Evelio is also an accomplished speaker who has shared the stage with John Maxwell, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer as well as Members of Congress, Senators and Governors.

In college Evelio was an award-winning competitive speech and debater who was recognized with proclamations by the United States House of Representatives for his speaking and speechwriting.  He is a two-time individual event national champion, a seven-time team national champion and has won seven international individual event championships and two international team championships.

13305122_10209570035438885_7129399804733090678_o-300x216 About Evelio SilveraIn 2012 he was inducted into the Florida College System Activities Association Hall of Fame.Evelio is fluent in Spanish and a weekly guest commentator on a Tampa-based Spanish language news talk radio station. Evelio attended Florida State University, Western Kentucky University, and Tallahassee Community College.

He met his wife, Lorri, in her first debate round in college. In 2010 he and Lorri were featured as a couple in Ocala Magazine’s 40 Under 40. They live in Florida with their two dogs (a Bichon named Buttons and a Catahoula Leopard dog named Cookie) and have been married for 12 years.